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Solid Platinum Superoxo Hydroxo Complex

EPR Spectra Of Green Solid Platinum Superoxo Hydroxo Species

Solid Platinum Superoxo Hydroxo Complex. Pankratov D.A., Komozin P.N., Kiselev Yu.M. //Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. 2000. V. 45. № 10. P. 1555-1559

Solid samples isolated from solutions of a platinum superoxo hydroxo complex are studied by EPR and X-ray powder diffraction techniques. The short-lived superoxo complex is found to form upon dissolution of the solid samples in concentrated acids. Magnetic resonance parameters of the platinum superoxo complexes in the solid state and in acidic solutions are determined. The structures of the inner coordination sphere of the found superoxo complexes are discussed.


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New Platinum Superoxo Complex

Evolution of the VIS-spectra of the pink solutions in time

New Platinum Superoxo Complex. Kiselev Yu.M., Pankratov D.A., Shundrin L.A., Kiseleva I.N. //Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. 1996. V. 41. № 12. P. 1963-1966Search the full text below. Ищи полный текст ниже.

Products of oxidation of Pt(IV) hexahydroxo complexes with ozone in alkali media have been studied with physicochemical methods (electron spectroscopy, EPR, and cyclic voltammetry). The oxidation product is pink at alkali concentration in solution higher than 5 mol/l. The pink complex represents previously undescribed platinum superoxo complex with a bridging O2- group.

Our previous study concerned the possibility of preparing platinum compounds in unusually high oxidation states from alka1ine solutions under the action of ozone. In that study, we detected a blue platinum superoxo complex of binuclear structure with the O2- bridging group. The bridge structure of this complex was supported by ESR, and the complex was show to form only at rather low alkalinity. At higher alkali concentrations (cOH- > 5 mol/l), a similar reaction results in a pale pink complex containing oxidizer.


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Platinum(IV) Superoxo Complexes

Evolution of the VIS-spectra of the blue solutions in time

Platinum(IV) Superoxo Complexes. Kiselev Yu.M., Pankratov D.A., Ezerskaya N.A., Kiseleva I.N., Shundrin L.A., Popovich M.P. //Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. 1994. V.39. №8. P. 1278-1283Search the full text below. Ищи полный текст ниже.

The products of reaction of platinum(IV) hydroxo complexes with ozone in alkaline solutions were studied using various physicochemical methods: electronic spectroscopy, electron spin resonance, and cyclic voltammetry. The arguments presented suggest that the blue solutions obtained contain superoxo Pt(IV) complexes.

One of the most efficient ways to stabilize higher oxidation states in the transition elements is complex formation in aqueous-alkaline media. In this case, hydroxyl ions offer advantages over other ligands and produce a stronger decrease in E° of a redox system than other, rather weakly polarizable ligands, which form complex ions in acid and neutral media. This circum stance is the one favoring stabilization of the highest oxidation states in neptunium, plutonium, americium(VII), and iron(VIII).


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Emission Mössbauer Study Of "Cobalt Peroxide"

Emission Mössbauer spectra of the same sample (A) immediately after preparation and (B) within 7 months after preparation and various temperaturesEmission Mössbauer Study Of "Cobalt Peroxide". Pankratov D.A., Portachenko T.A., Perfil'ev Yu.D. //Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin. 2008. V.49. №5. P.292-296.Search the full text below. Ищи полный текст ниже.

The product interaction cooled alcohol solutions of the cobalt (II) chloride with hydrogen peroxide as described as CoO2 studied by emission Möessbauer spectroscopy. We show that dark green product is the cobalt (III) oxide.


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Ab Initio Calculations Of Hydroxoplatinum Compounds: I. Hexahydroxoplatinum(IV), (V), And (VI) Complexes

Equilibrium structure of the hexahydroxoplatinum cluster Pt(OH)6 with symmetry CiAb Initio Calculations Of Hydroxoplatinum Compounds: I. Hexahydroxoplatinum(IV), (V), And (VI) Complexes. Pankratov D.A., Dement'ev A.I., Kiselev Yu.M. //Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. 2008. V.53. №2. P.242-246.Search the full text below. Ищи полный текст ниже.

The structural and spectral data on Pt(OH)6n clusters (n = -2, -1, 0) obtained by ab initio methods have been considered. The data for n = -2 are in good agreement with the published data for hexahydroxoplatinates (IV).


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